Design excellence requires a thoughtful approach to construction that carefully integrates best practices and sustainability. Years of experience building award-winning projects for discerning clients in highly diverse locations and conditions, grant the principals of Sonoma-Reserve solid construction experience. Understanding a client´s vision and unique lifestyle preferences translates into a highly customized process that involves much attention to detail and a passion for quality work.

Our design+build team brings together experts in many fields through our collaborative process that maximizes efficiencies and quality. Through a deep understanding of materials, systems and Architecture and Engineering, Sonoma-Reserve integrates timeless buildings that offer its buyer the benefit of life-cycle energy efficiencies.


Sonoma Valley is home to incredible talent. Over the years, we have collaborated with the best local consultants, engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscape architects, steel fabricators, stone masons, gardeners, and service companies to provide our buyer with the best local professionals available in the region. At Sonoma-Reserve, we believe in building trust with our building collaborators, sharing common values that forge a building ethos with purpose and conviction.

Sustainability is at the core of Sonoma-Reserve construction practice. We offer our buyer a range of options to achieve a high-Performance house. We believe in minimal impact to the environment and to its immediate surroundings. We seek a sensitive response to integrate the house to its natural terrain using innovative technology and the use of natural materials, sunlight, and the presence of hand-crafted solutions.


We believe in one of a kind design that is beautiful, long-lasting and resource-conscious. We take great pride in understanding a buyer´s vision and to apply the rigor and discipline that best uses our collective experience, technical acumen with dedication and attention to detail. Sonoma-Reserve offers a complete turn-key approach to discerning clients that value a fully integrated delivery solution.

"Ecological design is any form of design that minimizes environmentally

destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes"

-Sim Van Der Ryn